Head of TAU Alumni Organization's message

Dear Alumni,


As a proud TAU alumna, with three different degrees from this excellent university, I gladly accepted the mission of establishing and leading the Tel Aviv University Alumni Organization.


The Alumni Organization is much more than its name – it is a widespread network of social connections, aiming to improve all of our lives.


These are the beginnings of a community – a community within which many aspire to live, and whose very existence is an ongoing and fascinating challenge.


A community working for its own sake, but also able, thanks to its members' many skills, talents and capabilities, to do a great deal for others.


Because the graduates of Israel's leading university - women and men with an entrepreneurial spirit in their hearts, driven forward by success, toward further achievement – can go very far together.


We all understand that being a TAU alumnus is a privilege that comes with responsibility - the obligation to be a better citizen, who contributes more to the society in which we live.


How can the pooling of our strengths and abilities impact our surroundings? What is the common mission of Tel Aviv University's alumni? Only time will tell.


A long road stretches ahead of us, and we will travel it together. We are all here now, perhaps because even though many of us graduated a long time ago, we will forever remain the ambassadors of our university, the bearers of its message, and the leaders of change.

Sigalit Ben Hayoun

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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