Fake Life - The Death of the Truth



18 October 2023, 19:00 - 13:00 


Tel Aviv University Alumni Organization, headed by Sigalit Ben Hayoun, held a webinar suited to the times of war we are in with Menny Barzilay on the topic "Fake Life - the death of truth".


  • Menny Barzilay - Chief Technology Officer of the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at Tel Aviv University, and co-founder of Cytactic, a company that specializes in managing and dealing with cyber crises.

In his opening remarks, Barzilay had this to say:


"The war we are now fighting takes place on several fronts. At sea, in the air, on land, and in cyber, of course, but one of the most important ones is the media."


During the webinar, Barzilay talked about the different types of fakes from our time, why fake news is a very effective tool in the hands of terrorists, and to what else it relates.


After his lecture, Barzilay took questions from the audience and gave this important message: "The best weapon against the world of fake is critical thinking. We need to know that everything we share has a lot of power. Therefore we must exercise critical thinking and ask ourselves - was it published by an authoritative source and are we sure of what we see."


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