The President's message to TAU alumni

Dear alumni,

I am thrilled to inaugurate the Tel Aviv University Alumni Organization. This significant event in the life of our University is a tribute to you all, and I am grateful to you for this unique opportunity.


Tel Aviv University is Israel's largest public research university today, continually striving for international excellence in research, and coupling this goal with a deep sense of social responsibility.


As President of the University, I accord the greatest importance to promoting its position as a relevant, up-to-date institution, in terms of both research and education. I believe in research that addresses real-life needs and problems, and in educational programs adapted to the constantly changing reality.


I envision an institution allied with its city, community and society, profoundly connected to the nation and its priorities; an institution also involved in the international scene, closely tied with global industries, corporations and academic institutions worldwide.


We all understand that education, and especially higher education, is not only a key to our personal, social and financial advancement as individuals; it is also essential for building a stronger and better society.


I am proud to say that Tel Aviv University is the central, most influential university in Israel today. The country's best leadership potential emerges from our campus every year, and many of our alumni hold key positions in law, hi-tech, hospitals, media, education, culture, and of course academia.


As the University celebrates its 60th anniversary, I have decided to establish an Alumni Organization, home for all TAU alumni.


I believe with all my heart that by consolidating the ties between our alumni and the University, as well as among the alumni themselves, we will form a united force able to influence, advance and contribute to society as a whole.


I see the founding of the Alumni Organization as a major step towards strengthening the bond between the University - with all of you acting as its ambassadors, and Israeli society as a whole.


I sincerely hope to enlist you all – your talent, creativity, experience, abilities, care and goodwill, to a common mission: building a better, more successful and more compassionate society.


I call upon you: please stay in touch with us, and become the wonderful ambassadors of our University!


I am so very proud of you, looking forward to fruitful collaboration for many years to come.



Joseph Klafter

President of Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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