Events for Human Resources Executives

In order to strengthen the ties between Academia and Industry, the TAU Alumni Organization holds annual HR Forums with executives in the world of Human Resources, many of them TAU alumni themselves.

Our goal is to create collaborations and initiatives between the world of Academia and the world of Industry, and to make it easier for HR Executives reach the ultimate candidates for any new position in their organizations - the TAU Alumni community.

In addition, these events help create professional networking and the formation of a collegial group of peers among those HR executives.

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Events for Human Resources Executives
Events for Human Resources Executives
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09 February 2021: Embracing the Change

The Tel Aviv University Alumni Organization, Headed by Sigalit Ben Hayoun, invited its alumni to an online event dealing with an issue that has become one of today's challenges for large organizations - preservation and management of human resources.

Three inspiring TAU Alumni participated in the discourse that mainly focused on the transformations and solutions of Human Resource managers at this time:

  • Dr. Shoshi Chen, researcher and lecturer of organizational behavior at TAU's Coller School of Management, Alumna of the Coller School of Management and Faculty of Social Sciences at TAU, which focused on the new definition of the term "Managerial Resilience".
  • Karin Tucker, Head of HR at Amdocs, Alumna of TAU's Buchmann Faculty of Law and the Coller School of Management
  • Eyal Shohat, CEO of Sodastream International, Alumnus of the Buchmann Faculty of Law and the Coller School of Management, including accounting studies at Tel Aviv University.


Eyal Shohat presented the Sodastream's way of dealing with the COVID-19 era, and the special organizational culture that forms the foundation for the company's success even in these challenging times:


"Like most companies operating worldwide, Sodastream had to make quick adjustments to the new reality, including changing the marketing mix and significantly expanding sales through direct channels, reducing the range of products, examining the feasibility of new launches and more. But beyond that, like all companies and countries in the world - The company didn't have an organized plan for dealing with a global pandemic."


Eyal conveyed an important message regarding human resources: "In a situation like the COVID pandemic, when there is no work plan - the organizational culture IS the work plan. The healthier and more assimilated organizational culture the organization has - the more it can rely on it in times of uncertainty. As one of the fathers of business strategy, Peter Drucker, noted: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.


We tried our best to implement the six success factors that make up our corporate culture. With the onset of the pandemic we acted with Business Courage and made a decision not to lay off employees and not to put any of them on unpaid leave. We instilled Optimism and Energy in the organization while maintaining direct, open and continuous communication with all employees. We made sure to make room for Creativity and put resources into the rapid development of a unique Respirator. We made sure to work as One Company, while strengthening the “cross-border” partnership between all of our employees. We did all this with Excellency, and without rounding corners in the face of challenges."


Eyal presented the results of the company's organizational survey conducted in June, at the height of the Covid era. Sodastream conducted the survey among all workers, including production workers, and more than 90% of the company participated in the survey: "We asked the workers about our conduct during the epidemic - and the vast majority said the company is doing above and beyond expectations. This is the result of our true commitment to our values."


Eyal also mentioned one of the company's goals - Defeating Inequality, and that is the need to give people from different backgrounds the right conditions in order to be equally successful. One example cited was the opening of an assembly factory in the Bedouin village of Kuseife, which allowed Bedouin women to enter the labor force for the first time in their lives, thus producing circles of influence on society and the environment.


Senior Human Resources figures from all over the industrial and business spectrum, all TAU Alumni, were joined and enjoyed the Online Event in real time, including:

  • Efrat Shapira, SVP Human Resources at Ness Technologies
  • Erez Orly, Senior VP HR at The Phoenix Insurance Gruop
  • Gilead Kehat, EVP Human Resources and Staff at Leumi Card
  • Einat Menachem-Amitay, SVP Global HR at Delta Galil Industries
  • Galit Morag, VP HR at Swissport Israel
  • Shlomo Peeri, Global VP Human Resources at NaanDanJain
  • Yiftah Yoffe, VP of Human Resources at Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.
  • Irit Weizman, Personnel Manager at the Histadrut-General Federation of Labour in Israel
  • Moran Keinan, Director of Human Resources at Bank Hapoalim

And more ...

08 February 2018: HR in a Disrupted World

In February 2018, the TAU Alumni Organization, Headed by Sigalit Ben Hayoun, held its 2nd Human Resources Executives Forum was held, titled "Human Resources in a Disrupted World". For the second time, the forum was held in collaboration with The Israeli Association for HR Management Research and Development, headed by Dr. Shlomit Kaminka and TAU’s Career Development Center, and hosted leaders of the Israeli professional HR community - Amdocs, Assuta Medical Centers, Tnuva Group, Super-Pharm, Mobileye Israel, Intel, Ayalon Insurance Company, Excellence Investment House and more.


At the center of the conference were the rapid changes that the job market is going through, and the importance of adapting to them.


CEO of Oracle Israel and TAU Alumnus Uzi Navon lectured on the CEO's perspective on Human Resources, and said that mental flexibility in the job world is critical, because tomorrow's profession is not today's profession, and a society that won’t adapt to the rapid pace of change won’t survive. In his words: "Companies must make changes, if not - they will get disrupted. And it’s always better to be the disruptor."


Additional speakers at the forum:

  • Prof. Orly Yeheskel, Deputy Dean of TAU’s Coller School of of Management
  • Daniel Ofek, Founder of Parliament 51
  • Racheli Livni Mordechai, Human Resources Manager and leader in the field of diversity and inclusion at Intel Israel
  • Boaz Katz, founder and Galia Nevo, VP HR of Bizzabo
  • Dafna Rosenblum, Avital Zipori and Neta Bondi, founders of Extend.


The forum took place at the Steinhardt Museum of Nature, Tel Aviv University, with sponsorship from Nespresso, and attendees were given a special tour of the new museum, by its chairman, Prof. Tamar Dayan, ahead of its official opening.


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24 November 2016: First Human Resources Forum

The TAU Alumni Organization, Headed by Sigalit Ben Hayoun, hosted its first HR forum for the Israeli Professional HR community in November 2016, in collaboration with The Israeli Association for HR Management Research and Development, headed by Dr. Shlomit Kaminka and TAU’s Career Development Center.


The event was sponsored by Sabon company with participation of over a 100 leaders in the professional community of HR in Israel.

The event's top issue was the leadership and public impact of Human Resources VPs.


Amongst the speakers at the event:

  • Prof. Sharon Toker, Organizational Behavior Program, Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University: Do we need to get stressed over work stress?
  • Miss Michal Tzuk, Director of Employment Regulation & Senior Deputy Director General at Israeli Ministry of Economy: The Labor Market - Future trends and present challenges.
  • Miss Mariam Kabha, National Commissioner for Equal Employment Opportunities: Equal opportunities and diversity in employment.


The CEO's perspective of HR was presented by TAU Alumna Dr. Yael Villa, VP of Sisco.

In her Speech, Dr. Villa pointed out two important messages:

To the Academia: "Academia has come a long way in its efforts to come closer with the industry, and must continue these efforts, which focus on quality and targeting".

To HR executives: "In the world in which we operate today, HR VP is the CEO's best friend, and must better understand the business and characterize the organization and its needs from the CEO's perspective. It is no longer the traditional definition of HR VP as we once knew it".


Executive Director of the TAU Alumni Organization, Sigalit Ben Hayoun, noted at the event that "this meeting is an important connection between academia and industry. TAU Alumni Organization, in cooperation with the Career Development Center, attaches great importance to developing the careers of its graduates and their integration in the industry, both in the early stages of building their career and also at further advanced stages".


In the audience sat Human Resources Executives from the IDF's naval and land forces, from the Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Health, high-tech companies (including Microsoft, Check Point, Ness Technologies, Elbit Systems, bynet computer communication, etc.), insurance companies (Phoenix Insurance Company  amongst others), Corporate Communications (Bezeq, HOT), Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Maccabi Healthcare services, NeoPharm Group and more...


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