Speeding Towards Success: Career Events

In order to promote employment opportunities for the TAU Alumni community, the TAU Alumni Organization developed the "Speeding Towards Success" series of career events, in collaboration with the TAU Career Development Center.


"Speeding Towards Success" addresses young alumni who have graduated in recent years, as well as students in their final year of study, from all TAU faculties.


The purpose of the series is to provide alumni with professional tools for career management, strengthening their "soft" skills (Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Networking and more) and connecting them to influential factors in the industry.


These events are intended for TAU Alumni at every stage of their careers - from fresh alumni in their first steps into the world of employment, to experienced alumni seeking to develop their careers or to change direction in their career path.


 Information on future events is published regularly on our Hebrew website's events calendar, as well as on our FaceBook page: Tel Aviv University Alumni Organization.



Speeding Towards Success: Career Events
Speeding Towards Success: Career Events
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14 May 2019: The Alumni Community Opens the TAU 2019 Job Fare

The Tel Aviv University Alumni Organization, Headed by Sigalit Ben Hayoun, in collaboration with the TAU Career Development Center, held a session of short Ted lectures on career development and human resources as an opening ceremony for Tel Aviv University's annual Job Fair.

Lilia Nachman, CEO of Anglo Saxon, alumna of the Faculty of Humanities and the School of Education, spoke about the thread linking unrelated jobs:



Rotem Katzir, Executive Consultant and HR Evangelist, alumna of the School of Psychology at the TAU Faculty of Social Sciences and the Coller School of Management, explained how to stay relevant in a changing and dynamic world:



Shelly Roymisher, a psychologist and HR Manager, alumna of the School of Psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Education, explained how to find the career that suits us:



Finally, Meital Sandor, HR Manager at Chegg Israel, spoke about the positive impact of the Brain Swaps project (two-week employee exchange) on the atmosphere, trust and commitment in the work environment:



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5 May 2019: 'The Chaser' Itai Hermann Returns to TAU

Itai Hermann has returned to the Tel Aviv University, where he studied, lecturing to TAU alumni on memory and learning abilities.


Itai, an alumnus of the TAU Faculty of Social Sciences, an entertainment and television personality and the star of "The Chase" TV program on Kan, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, arrived with his wife Dana, an alumna herself, who studied alongside him, but as the two said, "Only a year after graduation we made it romantic". 


Itai Shared with the alumni the secrets to his phenomenal memory, which he repeatedly demonstrates on his show. "I am closing a 25-year cycle that began with my university studies. It was here that I first realized that as a person with ADHD, learning and memory abilities can be refined, after all. I considered an academic career, but television captured me. Perhaps I will come back to teach."


In a trivia quiz he conducted among the alumni, a medical student named Itai Manor won and received a certificate from Itai Hermann.


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15 May 2018: The Alumni Community Opens the TAU 2018 Job Fare

As part of the 2018 Job Fair events, the Tel Aviv University Alumni Organization continued to focus on its alumni's Career Development and held a TED-style conference in collaboration with the TAU Career Development Center. The event focused on the Israeli and global world of work, and was held especially before the annual Job Fair opened, where alumni could meet over a hundred different possible employers and expand their career opportunities.


The event featured a notable presence of female power, with five women speakers, including three alumnae, holding key roles in the economy:


Nirit Cohen - Researcher, Consultant and Lecturer on the future work world, former VP of Human Resources at Intel Israel, said: "Technological advancement has transformed the world of work from a place you go to to something you do.


It is no longer possible to assume that the curriculum in our lives will sustain us until retirement. The frequent changes in the field require us to constantly learn, learning how to learn and updating our capabilities all the time so we can adapt ourselves to a constantly changing environment...


For example - in the autonomous vehicle technology industry that is currently very successful in Israel - no one has learned in the academia how to become an autonomous car engineer. These are people who take experience and ability from their field of study and apply them in a whole new field."



Lital Parush-David, VP of Human Resources at Amdocs, alumna of the TAU School of Psychology, Communication Department and a Master of Management from Tel Aviv University, said:


"The world of work is no longer built as many small stairs we will slowly climb up through seniority and skills. The pyramid was flattened - there are no longer twenty levels between a starting worker and a CEO, and the stairs became wider and higher than they used to be, so that the transition is more like catching waves - catching the opportunities that will significantly boost our career.


Career management is a journey of life, and the waves don't have to be in a professional world at all - people move from organization to organization and from field to field. We must recognize the waves - both in the technological world and in the employment configurations to the worlds of roles - we must identify the waves, make a good choice of which one we should surf that will take us further, so that we do not jump frantically in opportunism.


The world is changing and the subject of knowledge acquired in academia becomes irrelevant faster than we are able to learn. What we need to do is to develop better learning capabilities, to be an autodidact, to cultivate skills which will help us manage our careers better. For example - Sense Making. Reading the situation and using logic is something that computers cannot replace us in... "



Nirit Geller Jamili, a consultant for job-finding and career-development, TAU alumna with a Masters in Work Studies, said:


"The process of job hunting is a sales process. The Elevator Speech is a tool that originally comes from the business management field, but is completely relevant to job hunting.


An Elevator Speech can open up opportunities for us and sell us right, if we do it right. We must not start from what we are looking for but from what we bring to the table - what your experience is, what your capabilities are, and only then explain what interests you in terms of companies and roles.


Never start from asking friends to help you, but ask your contacts to advise you. Everyone likes to be consultants, but within this consultation you will be able to obtain information about companies or positions that you can use to your advantage."



Ronit Benbasat Rom, Head of HR Intuit Israel, alumna of the School of Social Work and the Coller School of Management, said from her own experience that a combination of multiple work in various and varied fields will give constant interest and challenges, along with giving back and contributing to the society - this is the method that works best, In her eyopinion:


"The future is thinking about what you do for the environment and not just for yourself. The questions become less 'what I want' and more 'what I need'."


Of the 8 Trends in Talent Management in 2018 (Focusing on the Present, Standard to Individual approach, Blurring the Boundaries Between Internal and External, Performance, More Teams and Teamwork, Important Talent Experience, More Organic Talent Management, Talent Analysis as a Fund) she emphasized that Creativity is the feature No Robot has, Which is why it is the characteristic most needed in workers nowadays.



Ayelet Varshaviak, Founder and CEO of kolega - Human Resources, said:


"The word career comes from the word wagon, which reminds us that we are constantly on the move. Its highly important to brand ourselves. For the example let's take singer Netta Barzilai, who - through maximal personal branding of talent and uniqueness - elevated her career from 500 NIS per show at weddings to a whole different league where she makes about 100K NIS per show.


To act like her, it is important that we become aware - who am I, what is my uniqueness and what my is ace card - the skill that by cultivating I will be invincible."



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3 May 2018: Inspiring Conversation with Mr. Jack Ma

Mr. Jack Ma, Lead Founder & Executive Chairman of the world's leading e-commerce company, Alibaba Group, visited Tel Aviv University as a recipient of an honoral doctorate.


Prior to the honorary degrees ceremony, Mr. Ma held an inspirational conversation with hundreds of TAU students and alumni, among them young entrepreneurs, hosted by TAU Alum Mr. Amnon Dick, Chairman of the Israeli Friends Association of Tel Aviv University.


During the event, Mr. Ma answered questions by Israeli and international TAU students, and shared experiences from his own career and path to success, his insights on employment and academia, and his views on the changes that educational institutions need to make to strengthen human innovation and creativity in the approaching era of AI and robotic automation.


Watch highlights from the event:


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29 April 2018: Alumni Talk: Lior Schleien & Michal Schreiber

The Tel Aviv University Alumni Organization, in collaboration with the TAU Career Development Center, invited students and alumni to a meeting that created a lot of buzz, with the alumnus of the Buchman Faculty of  Law, Lior Schleien, editor and host of The Channel 10 program Gav Ha'Uma.


Schleien was interviewed by an alumna of the Faculty of Social Sciences - Michal Schreiber, Founder and CEO of the Digital Agency Web-Done. The two discussed politics, career and success.


Head of the Alumni Organization, Sigal Adar, noted that following the alumni community's wishes, as expressed in the survey conducted by the organization among the alumni, the organization's gives high priority to helping the alumni develop their careers. Adar invited the alumni to attend Tel Aviv University's 2018 Job Fair, which will take place on May 15th, where alumni can be exposed to prospective employers and receive career development tools from HR Managers.


The Alumni Organization's Executive Director Sigalit Ben Hayoun said: "I am delighted that we have the opportunity to allow our alumni and students to enjoy this enriching and engaging event while being introduced to what's new at Tel Aviv University," and invited the alumni for a nightly tour of the new Museum of Natural History at the end of the event.


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1 February 2018: Career in the Age of Cyber with Nadav Zafrir

In February 2018, alumnus of the Coller School of Management Nadav Zafrir, founder and CEO of TEAM8, and former commander of the 8200 unit in the IDF, spoke in another one of our career event, during which he spoke about career, military, citizenship, technology and everything in between.


Zafrir addressed the difference between the military and civilianism, saying: "In recent years, some 8200 veterans prefer to skip the academic studies phase and continue straight ahead to their first startup. They should remember that there is a difference between working in the military and in civilian companies. While in the army everyone form one front in front of the enemy, in citizenship there is a lot of competition against many different factors. In the army, there's a universal motivation which is easier to channel for one clear purpose, and issues like finance and intellectual property are irrelevant. In citizenship the motivation is heterogeneous, diverse, and of a commercial nature, and therefore generally more complex.


Nadav used the occasion to send a message to the academia: "It is important that the academia in Israel constantly asks itself a few questions: Does it stand at the forefront of the world's leading universities? And is it changing fast enough given the pace of change, both in terms of content and curriculum? The academia in Israel has an opportunity to develop global leadership through the development of expertise in specific areas, 'technology pockets', like machine learning for the example, and not necessarily through being good at everything".



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8 November 2017: The Purposeful Leader with Tim Kelly

A second international career event was held in November 2017 with the world's #1 expert on finding a purpose - Tim Kelly, an alumnus of MIT's Mathematics Department and formerly a lead algorithm developer at the Global Oracle Company, who became a strategic consultant, mentor and acclaimed speaker, the world's first coach for countries, author of the Best-selling book 'True Purpose' about the unique method he developed for finding purpose.

Kelly frequently visits Israel, and said that he believes that the State of Israel does not currently know what is its purpose, which leads to a dissatisfaction among large groups in the Israeli society. He claims that finding a purpose will allow Israel to reach peace with its neighbors as well as internal peace, a process that will have a far-reaching global impact.



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19 June 2017: Richard Greene, The Master of Charisma

In June 2017, the alumni community gathered for its first international career event - an exclusive meeting with 'The Master of Charisma' Richard Greene - a charismatic lecturer, a leading commentator in the US and around the world and a leading public speaking coach who worked with International corporate presidents and top-notch politicians in the US and Europe.


Greenw delivered his fascinating lecture "The Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Speakers", during which he focused on relevant and current figures, including U.S. President Donald Trump, Former President Barack Obama and others. He shared anecdotes about his Jewish roots and previous visits to Israel, and gave a behind-the-scenes glimpse of preparations for political debates. From his experience, he said that "all demagogues were successful because they made big promises, and presented them with confidence".


A private meeting with Mr. Richard Greene was the prize in a raffle between the event's attendees, which was won by attorney Azgad Stern.



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22 March 2017: Starting Up Right

The third event in this series will take place on 22 March 2017 with speakers Eyal Waldman, founder and CEO of Mellanox Technologies and a governor of Tel Aviv University, with his lecture "Starting Up Right":


TAU School of Social Work alumna Yael Mehudar, an Organizational consultant and career management expert, gave a lecture titled "Methods of career impact - thoughts about difficulties, connections, muscles and skills":


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12 September 2016: Entrepreneurship with Ido Yablonka & Revital Hendler

The theme of the second career event, held in September 2016, was business entrepreneurship. Participants listened to talks by two entrepreneurs, both graduates of TAU's Faculty of the Arts:  


Ido Yablonka, Senior Board Member and Director of the Development Center at YAHOO! In Tel Aviv, formerly Founding CEO of ClarityRay, spoke about rist management in entrepreneurship and career:


Revital Hendler, Founder of AllJobs and Founding Partner of BreezoMeter, spoke about not accepting traditional limitations and daring to try new things:

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31 March 2016: When Academia and Industry Meet

The first event, which focused on innovation, featured the Osem Group, a major player in Israel's food industry.  


Ms. Ilanit Kabessa, the Group's Innovation & Business Development Manager, gave a talk entitled 'Innovation in a nutshell', and Prof. Jonathan Smilansky, Head of the Career Development Center at TAU's Business Faculty - an international expert on career development, consultant to leading organizations and Director of TAU's Career Development Center -  spoke about 'How to accomplish the next step in your career?'

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