Academia Meets Indusrty

At the beginning of 2022, the Tel Aviv University alumni organization launched the series of meetings "When academia meets industry", in the framework of which university graduates who have grown and reached senior positions in the Israeli economy host a group of young graduates and present them with the employment opportunities available to them after graduation.

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22 בפברואר 2023: מפגש מקוון עם דני פרין, מייסד "PerFlow Medical" חברת מדטק עילית

Last night another successful meeting was held within the series of meetings initiated by the Tel Aviv University’s Alumni Organization, titled "When Academia Meets Industry":

This time the meeting took place with Danny Farin, CEO and Co-founder at “Perflow Medical” an elite Medtech company, who specialized in designing and manufacturing world-class medical equipment.

 Farin is an alumnus of  the Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University.


The meeting was held online and was intended mainly for alumni of TAU Faculty of Life Sciences, who graduated in the last five years.


“Perflow Medical” who was recently acquired by a major investment fund, developed and commercialised a ground breaking technology for the treatment of ischemic stroke caused by blood clots. 

Farin also serves as the chairman and co-founder of CVAid Medical, which developed an artificial intelligence-based solution for the diagnosis and treatment of stroke events. In addition, he is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Eon Surgical, which developed a microsurgical system that was sold to the american corporation Teleflex in 2013.


During the meeting Farin reviewed his companies and their activity and the alumni presented him with questions to which Farin answered with interest and at great length.


The meeting also included a review of jobs options  at CVAid by Oren Dror,the  CEO of CVAid Medical.

One of the tips that Farin gave to the alumni is that they should try to meet as many people as possible. According to him, most people will surprisingly love to help. "From every person we meet  we  can learn new things and in addition, that person will introduce us to another circle of people" - he said.



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